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  EMISSION DU 25/06/2017

Artiste Track Album Label

1 bike thiefs destination wedding lean into it autoproduction

2 miss june i don´t wanna be your dog i don´t wanna be your dog autoproduction

3 swim team i´m fine swim team let´s pretend

4 yc-cy draugr todestanz x-mist

5 swordzzz dismount and reload swordzzz autoproduction

5 baby fire tiger heart gold off

6 gold dime rock nerves fire talk

6 cosmic triggers quant um homo fractaliens adansonia

7 a very special episode no difference censored dreams autoproduction

8 cocaine piss plastic plants the dancer hypertension

8 aneurysm she´s drugs v/a: closer to the grave: 15 years of tor johnson records tor johnson

8 gimpdaddy frankie how many licks? autoproduction

8 sextile one of these albeit living felte

8 cathode ray eyes they cut the heart from out of the sky son burn down this government how we lost the 21st century autoproduction

8 yc-cy kepler-186f todestanz x-mist

9 swim team reanimator swim team let´s pretend

10 poly-math v: metamorphosis i reptiles lonely voyage

10 quadrilles whales isotopes lonely voyage

11 space blood cash caballero tactical chunder lonely voyage

11 you break, you buy neighsayer don´t join the circus lonely voyage

11 lost in the riots hey, deathwish move on, make trails lonely voyage

12 fall of messiah the grey heart blues empty colors lonely voyage

12 fake off taïga boreal lonely voyage

12 rad pitt shall i shanty pink lonely voyage

12 acid king coming down of outer space middle of nowhere, center of everywhere svart

12 swim team tv swim team let´s pretend

12 yc-cy poltergeist todestanz x-mist

12 worst in mmxvii riot season

Artiste: swim team
Album: swim team
Label: let´s pretend

Artiste: yc-cy
Album: todestanz
Label: x-mist

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