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  EMISSION DU 10/09/2017

Artiste Track Album Label

1 uv-tv it´s dead go away emotional response

2 3d robot monster pipeline from outer space autoproduction

3 pardoner blue hell uncontrollable salvation father/daughter

4 less art diana the huntress strangled light gilead media

5 haunted horses thee come ceria social

5 peter kernel & their wicked orchestra again, we´re not gonna be the same again peter kernel & their wicked orchestra on the camper

6 beverly tender theme from beverly blender what have you done to my water? disposable america

6 blankenberge disappear radiogaze elusive sound

7 blankenberge falling stars radiogaze elusive sound

8 blankenberge we radiogaze elusive sound

8 new candys excess bleeding magenta fuzz club

8 echo ohs aliens hot pockets 1:12

8 trash romeo cherry blossom moving in the summer autoproduction

8 magnetix lr6 live in san francisco castle face

8 blacklisters drag dart too pure

9 less art mood 7 mind destroyer: guilt strangled light gilead media

10 pardoner uncontrollable salvation uncontrollable salvation father/daughter

10 jucifer warstartdemo district of dystopia alternative tentacles

11 acid mother temple & the melting paraiso ufo fellatioh´s dance also bitch´s blow son of a bitches important

11 melt-banana schemes of the tails fetch a-zap

11 mums can of worms land of giants superstar destroyer

12 bong time regained we are we were & we will have been ritual productions

12 monkey3 one zero zero one beyond the black sky stickman

12 moe paris examination of the eye of a horse wallace

12 sex swing murder witness sex swing the quietus phonographic corporation

12 vandal x scapegoat blues god knows fons

12 less art crushed out strangled light gilead media

12 pardoner don´t stop believin´in me uncontrollable salvation father/daughter

Artiste: pardoner
Album: uncontrollable salvation
Label: father/daughter

Artiste: less art
Album: strangled light
Label: gilead media


Artiste: blankenberge
Album: radiogaze
Label: elusive sound
Track(s): disappear / falling stars / we

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