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  EMISSION DU 01/10/2017

Artiste Track Album Label

1 church of goya kneel to the boss ep razored raw

2 intravene submergence intravene the audacious art experiment

3 batpiss you and me rest in piss poison city

4 widowspeak when i tried expect the best captured tracks

5 astro children straight for my heart turnpike autoproduction

5 peter kernel there´s nothing like you there´s nothing like you on the camper

6 nice boys do what you do nice boys autoproduction

6 psychic hearts geometric feelings holy blood autoproduction

7 psychic hearts niebla holy blood autoproduction

8 psychic hearts nocturne (freedom of love) holy blood autoproduction

8 bike thiefs was i at least funny? lean into it autoproduction

8 in a room gad whip in a room ever/never

8 wax chattels it it autoproduction

8 angie hosh come closer has the mystique faded? polahr music

8 batpiss tell them my name is x rest in piss poison city

9 widowspeak warmer expect the best captured tracks

10 ufomammut temple ecate supernatural cat

10 heliogabale encore ecce homo les disques du hangar 221

11 blood incantation hovering lifeless interdimensional extinction dark descent

11 16 flake bridges to burn relapse

11 yowie mysterium tremendium synchromysticism skin graft

12 telepathy smoke from distant fires tempest golden antenna

12 hard-ons the socialists´ smoko alfalfa males once summer is done conform or die red lounge

12 the living jarboe scorpion disburden disciple autoproduction

12 gadget illusions of peace the funeral march 7 degrees

12 batpiss bells for the victorian blues rest in piss poison city

12 widowspeak fly on the wall expect the best captured tracks

Artiste: widowspeak
Album: expect the best
Label: captured tracks

Artiste: batpiss
Album: rest in piss
Label: poison city


Artiste: psychic hearts
Album: holy blood
Label: autoproduction
Track(s): geometric feelings / niebla / nocturne (freedom of love)

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