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  EMISSION DU 24/12/2017

Artiste Track Album Label

1 structure get out structure harbinger sound

2 great grandpa no plastic cough double double whammy

3 golden torso common man gender fluids bellyache

4 penkowski red stones we not paranoid you are autoproduction

5 firefriend afterhours sulfur autoproduction

5 soda lilies saturn age (deep sleep self talk) sleep reel autoproduction

6 silent front pyramids three autoproduction

6 dym four/bi-gone `ray´s front teeth´ barely legal

7 luxury apartments luxury apartments luxury apartments all types of slime

8 the voices why i can´t be like you dark waters phase one

8 msnthrpic losemyway time autoproduction

8 white walls summit summit black wire

8 marriage + cancer god is tan marriage + cancer self sabotage

8 girls in synthesis suburban hell suburban hell blank editions

9 golden torso feels bad to be home gender fluids bellyache

10 penkowski black circles we not paranoid you are autoproduction

10 valley of love méchant noël another christmas album cheap satanism

11 shitkid tropics fish pnkslm

11 aquaserge tintin on est bien mon loulou laisse ça être crammed discs

11 ex eye xenolith; the anvil ex eye relapse

12 daniel pemberton run londinium king arthur: legend of the sword - original motion picture soundtrack watertower

12 jeff russo wrench and nikki steal a truck fargo year 3 sony

12 the drones then they came for me keelin kinda free tropical fuck storm

12 a giant dog creep pile merge

12 h.grimace thoroughbred self architect opposite number

12 froth passing thing outside (briefly) wichita

12 golden torso head devours host gender fluids bellyache

12 penkowski spy & spy we not paranoid you are autoproduction

Artiste: penkowski
Album: we not paranoid you are
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: golden torso
Album: gender fluids
Label: bellyache


Carte Blanche à Vincent Faidherbe (Cheap Satanism)

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