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  EMISSION DU 25/03/2018

Artiste Track Album Label

1 canshaker pi put a record out naughty naughty violence excelsior

2 bitpart bleak parade bleak parade barely regal

3 j.c. satàn centaur desire centaur desire born bad

4 sperm donor birthday song sleight coincidence autoproduction

5 bunuel happy hour the easy way out goodfellas

5 astro children nora flood beneath the visible surface autoproduction

6 electro amp cynic the light that shines the face before the 8 album autoproduction

6 jesus is my son tout a une fin (même l´amour) tout a une fin (même l´amour) cheap satanism

7 e untie me negative work thrill jockey

8 warm bodies psychic connection warm bodies erste theke tontraeger

8 the glücks spit it out run amok monstrophonic

9 annabel lee picked last in gym class little sad and not so sad songs luik

10 beach house dive 7 bella union

10 j.c. satàn complex situation centaur desire born bad

11 sperm donor human warehouse sleight coincidence autoproduction

11 lysistrata asylum the thread luik

11 king fu drowning in a sea of shameful decisions cobracadabra autoproduction

12 crowd of chairs master of my split persona fuck fuck fuck live fast die young

12 bison bisou hypersects bodystick a tant rêver du roi

12 the guru guru back door pschew a tant rêver du roi

12 henry blacker cag mag the making of junior boner riot season

12 spotlights learn to breathe seismic ipecac

12 ici les ailes du désir (part. 1) les ailes du désir autoproduction

12 peter kernel men of the women the size of the night on the camper

12 hetouht vortex vii green house autoproduction

12 sperm donor satisfaction sleight coincidence autoproduction

12 j.c. satàn lies centaur desire born bad

Artiste: sperm donor
Album: sleight coincidence
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: j.c. satàn
Album: centaur desire
Label: born bad

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