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  EMISSION DU 27/05/2018

Artiste Track Album Label

1 lié country boys hounds monofonus press

2 plug alibi thirteen the lion plug alibi thirteen 1 ep par jour

3 pigeon gaping pigeon antena krzyku

4 just mustard curtains wednesday pizza pizza

5 bad friend panic attack v/a: mimicry mixtape 4 mimicry

5 bonnacons of doom rhizome bonnacons of doom rocket

6 swallow the rat echoes of a tide echoes of a tide autoproduction

6 casual nun sleet / knife v/a: casual nun / luminous bodies split god unknown

7 god is my co-pilot invisible rocket hey drummer autoproduction

8 exploded view summer came early summer came early sacred bones

8 e pennies negative work thrill jockey

9 bellini clementine peels before the day has gone temporary residence limited

10 the sediment club bmp.map.scum stucco thieves wharf cat

11 pigeon tiny pigeon antena krzyku

11 just mustard feeded wednesday pizza pizza

11 moodie black sway lucas acid fake four inc.

12 public psyche veil no new violence hypertension

12 moaning artificial moaning sub pop

12 drame défonce humanitaire drame 2 platinum

12 author & punisher nazarene pressure mine autoproduction

12 trepanningsritualen serpent seed kainskult tesco organisation

12 flowers must die elefjallajökull där blommor dör

12 wooden shjips eclipse v. thrill jockey

12 pigeon lower pigeon antena krzyku

12 just mustard tennis wednesday pizza pizza

12 exploded view disco glove exploded view sacred bones

Artiste: pigeon
Album: pigeon
Label: antena krzyku

Artiste: just mustard
Album: wednesday
Label: pizza pizza

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