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  EMISSION DU 05/06/2005

Artiste Track Album Label

1 hang on the box oooo for every punk bitch & arsehole arrivederci baby!

1 electrelane two for joy axes too pure

3 icewater scandal klat no handle the social registry

4 tarentel isalais straight paper white temporary residence limited

5 mute crazy tagawa muting

5 soulside punch the geek hot bodi-gram dischord

6 girls against boys stay in the car nineties vs. eighties adult swim

6 girls against boys taste all the fruit tropic of scorpio adult swim

6 miztura gizon arrunt bat v/a: acuarela songs 3 acuarela

6 sleepy lili positive vibe trees autoproduction

8 motormark hold your tongue chrome tape digital hardcore

8 sleater-kinney entertain the woods sub pop

8 icewater scandal shiny gold no handle the social registry

8 mono "sabath" unholy sabath remix (by marina rosenfeld) new york soundtracks arena rock

8 hall of fame my sweet miarma paradise now the social registry

8 help she can´t swim i don´t need you fashionista super dance troupe fantastic plastic

8 naifu kuro wa hito ni tsukimono naughty pony puppy farm

8 icewater scandal see saw no handle the social registry

8 ramp st. ockwell st. ockwell 7'' enraptured

Artiste: icewater scandal
Album: no handle
Label: the social registry


Artiste: girls against boys
Album: nineties vs. eighties
Label: adult swim
Track(s): stay in the car

Artiste: girls against boys
Album: tropic of scorpio
Label: adult swim
Track(s): taste all the fruit

Artiste: soulside
Album: hot bodi-gram
Label: dischord
Track(s): punch the geek


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