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  EMISSION DU 11/11/2018

Artiste Track Album Label

1 priors heart strings new pleasure slovenly

2 daremes android hunted andrew + andrea bleeding ear

3 swallow big black she likes flowers autoproduction

4 witch watch monet moon underground/overground autoproduction

5 an ocean of embers last night i fell again last night i fell again ovvk

5 ghxst ride gloom autoproduction

6 frigs talking pictures basic behavior arts & crafts

7 marriage + cancer bro bro autoproduction

8 choir guilt trip social life autoproduction

8 sunbear things to do sunbear indiecater

9 sunbear sleepy feeling sunbear indiecater

10 sunbear song for saying goodbye sunbear indiecater

11 big scout head out the window head out the window autoproduction

11 adolina night drive dreikanter honest house

11 swallow street she likes flowers autoproduction

12 witch watch abbreviation underground/overground autoproduction

12 astro children milk turnpike autoproduction

12 earth tongue the well of pristine order the well of pristine order autoproduction

12 make-overs let´s see (if it sticks) safe space krngy

12 j.c. satàn i won´t come back centaur desire born bad

12 ounce electric eye oz vol. i. 1:12

13 the breeders metagoth all nerve 4ad

13 gong gong gong down quality road v/a: flasher / public practice / gong gong gong split wharf cat

13 secte syria juin 2018 ff hhh

13 hyperculte s.o.s.i. hyperculte les disques bongo joe

14 swallow room (i abhore paris) she likes flowers autoproduction

14 witch watch answers tomorrow underground/overground autoproduction

14 gordon withers youth against fascism youth against fascism: benefit for rainn autoproduction

Artiste: swallow
Album: she likes flowers
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: witch watch
Album: underground/overground
Label: autoproduction


Artiste: sunbear
Album: sunbear
Label: indiecater
Track(s): things to do / sleepy feeling / song for saying goodbye

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