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  EMISSION DU 03/03/2019

Artiste Track Album Label

1 duny borisych heavy metal senator hair del.

2 white wire dance into flames 3 love songs ep autoproduction

3 gesture honeysuckle demo austerity realm

4 the staches savory savior this lake is pointless les disques bongo joe

5 witching waves eye 2 eye persistence specialist subject

6 mint field ella se queda mientras esperas innovative leisure

7 star horse serpentine you said forever startracks

8 pigeon couches pigeon antena krzyku

8 bloody head narco bulldozer narco bulldozer viral age

9 ocean experiments prelude observatory 1 husky

10 ocean experiments entry observatory 1 husky

11 ocean experiments antartic observatory 1 les disques bongo joe

12 cryptic commands merger from the hell modern talking numavi

13 usa nails smile life cinema bigoût

14 gesture night nurse demo austerity realm

14 the staches wv race this lake is pointless les disques bongo joe

16 baptists victim service beacon of faith southern lord

17 zu carbon carboniferous ipecac

18 speedozer supercharged speedozer zodiac killer

19 inopexia acute prolapse of rectum myocardial diopsy had a lethal outcome coyote

19 young widows future plans deacayed: ten years of cities, wounds, lightness, and pain temporary residence limited

19 bosse-de-nage cells iii profound lore

20 dälek ascention deadverse massive vol. 1: dälek rarities 1999-2006 hydra head

20 jungle rot straight jacket life what horrors await napalm

20 reverend beat-man and nicole izobel garcia i´ll take care of you baile bruta muerto voodoo rhythm

20 humanoid mdme spkr humanoid pomponette

20 deaf kids in my flesh the upper hand raw

20 wrong turn in wrong relapse

20 gesture 7h55m demo austerity realm

20 the staches the shape of their eyes this lake is pointless les disques bongo joe

Artiste: gesture
Album: demo
Label: austerity realm

Artiste: the staches
Album: this lake is pointless
Label: les disques bongo joe


Artiste: ocean experiments
Album: observatory 1
Label: husky
Track(s): prelude / entry / antartic

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