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  EMISSION DU 06/10/2019

Artiste Track Album Label

1 cross wires how to detox smokers lungs a life extinct culture war

2 dreamdecay n/o n/o sub pop

3 ogdens´ chicane decay autoproduction

4 jeromes dream keep those bristles clean and closed jeromes dream microspy

5 lake ruth extended leave extended leave slumberland

6 poppy jean crawford same old tricks jean jeannie 30th century

7 no swoon don´t wake up, wake up no swoon substitute scene

8 bastard salt health goth bad magic autoproduction

8 salvation slit my throat year of the fly forge again

9 the you suck flying circus giant metal porpoise v/a: the young steve flying circus flowerpot

10 the gentleman losers always crashing on the same wave make we here our camp of winter dauw

11 the gentleman losers turning to gold make we here our camp of winter dauw

12 the gentleman losers kingdom of the wind make we here our camp of winter dauw

13 tile not ready stendell corpse flower

14 jeromes dream drone before parlor violence jeromes dream microspy

14 ogdens´ dreamland decay autoproduction

16 bambara serafina stray wharf cat

17 sub-sahara 10-15 10-15 dreamy life

18 shoeshine your choose your loss your choose your loss autoproduction

19 russian baths responder deepfake good eye

19 love of consolation a girl whitout eyes a girl whitout eyes autoproduction

20 mitraille think twice hoopschroot belly button

20 flasyd again (7:am) flasyd new york night train

21 evil cow better at ground zero (trippy mix) c´est l´âge bovine autoproduction

22 sylph still tired sylph autoproduction

23 jeromes dream in talking twelve jeromes dream microspy

23 ogdens´ naked party decay autoproduction

23 susan haha as i was volar

23 orange plasticine summer yellow marshmallow pyramid blood

23 ilun holy´s absurdities the odd cut autoproduction

Artiste: ogdens´
Album: decay
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: jeromes dream
Album: jeromes dream
Label: microspy


Artiste: the gentleman losers
Album: make we here our camp of winter
Label: dauw
Track(s): always crashing on the same wave / turning to gold / kingdom of the wind

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