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  EMISSION DU 03/11/2019

Artiste Track Album Label

1 jukebox wars pushing daisy bowling alley world autoproduction

2 instant bin the brightest colours ever there´s something poisonous in the water the dubious goals commitee

3 v98 conversation killer pressgang shoelace

4 overtime skull emoji overtime autoproduction

5 toy down the street songs of consumption tough love

6 fyrhtu ritual no more days in the light autoproduction

7 coude break your balls save our souls influenza

8 haunted horses die forever dead meat sixwix

9 stuck people pleaser people pleaser autoproduction

10 gloin steady drone soft monster off wax

11 gloin circus flea soft monster off wax

11 gloin cha cha soft monster off wax

12 faking less & less no comfort slugthrower

13 expose now demos (e1/e2) 5 star limo

13 pre-birds wrecking ball v/a: pre-birds / ballpeen split serial bowl

14 overtime dehydration overtime autoproduction

15 oiseaux-tempête carnaval al-´an sub rosa

17 dub trio world of inconvenience the shape of dub to come new damage

18 gnod bodies for money just say no to the psycho right-wing capitalist fascist industrial death machine rocket

19 hey colossus black and gold in black & gold rocket

20 guitar wolf planet of the wolves planet of the wolves matador

21 cocaine piss cosmic bullshit cosmic bullshit hypertension

22 drose the man boy man machine+ computer students

22 charnel ground jimmy charnel ground 12xu

22 year of no light géhenne tocsin debemur morti productions

22 the flying luttenbachers goosesteppin´ shattered dimension ugexplode

22 overtime nick´s theme overtime autoproduction

Artiste: overtime
Album: overtime
Label: autoproduction


Artiste: gloin
Album: soft monster
Label: off wax
Track(s): steady drone / circus flea / cha cha

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