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  EMISSION DU 24/11/2019

Artiste Track Album Label

1 dewaere hit the north v/a: the fall a french tribute teenage hate

2 dragnet man about town all rise for dragnet spoilsport

3 isolat junction wanna kill my nightmare isolat junction autoproduction

4 john future thinker out here on the fringes pets care

5 american grandma brennan superdog obsolete media object

6 heart beach cliffhanger cliffhanger autoproduction

7 novichok heatwave on the casbah kephas barjona doggo agostino

8 no tongues for quiet people corridor joint fortune autoproduction

9 novopain living novopain autoproduction

10 baklavaa dsnylnd sleep running 20/20

11 vision 3d fannick vision 3d six tonnes de chair

11 furbie butterfinger butterfinger autoproduction

12 en attendant ana words juillet trouble in mind

13 sumatraban fish slang interloper luau

13 john standard hauntings out here on the fringes pets care

14 isolat junction in a daze isolat junction autoproduction

15 fast times have our say no end to this poison city

17 white walls there´s nothing left white walls poison city

18 deep heat it remains still life poison city

19 infinite void these days infinite void poison city

20 mod con do it right margo modern convenience poison city

21 dark fair first thing i become off into my head poison city

22 cable ties choking to choose tell them where to go / choking to choose poison city

22 moody beaches guns wierd friends poison city

22 bench press two years not the past, can´t be the future poison city

23 hexdebt ekhos rule of four poison city

24 kelso i´m okay, life goes on, i don´t mind always a godmother, never a god poison city

24 hypochristmutreefuzz gums smile blood hypopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia autoproduction

24 john laszlo out here on the fringes pets care

24 isolat junction get me the hell out of here isolat junction autoproduction

Artiste: isolat junction
Album: isolat junction
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: john
Album: out here on the fringes
Label: pets care

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