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  EMISSION DU 15/12/2019

Artiste Track Album Label

1 the oxbow court project tropic of chaos (man of war) asset tags, regression lines autoproduction

2 dataísmo voy d o s autoproduction

3 the tissues rear widow blue film autoproduction

4 tv violence nose bleed tv violence viro major

5 ddt multiple greens enter the bend drone rock

6 helicon sound of confession this can only lead to chaos fuzz club

7 travelling wave the lake the lake autoproduction

8 fitness womxn kadzriff new age record sorry state

9 teener market value auger third man

10 cricket tucked away cricket boy howdy

11 swan wash motion figure swan wash sister cylinder

11 swan wash yard swan wash sister cylinder

12 swan wash floor camp swan wash sister cylinder

13 løre beehives nailfish autoproduction

13 tv violence neon maniacs tv violence viro major

14 perennial food for hornets food for hornets redscroll

15 glaring horsetail fall horsetail fall autoproduction

17 postcards freedgiving the good soldier t3

18 civil feral stranger in someone else´s home songs about nothing antonym

19 dump him (what´s your deal with) kim dykes to watch out for get better

20 my angel trumpet yokoshitsu yokoshitsu/slug autoproduction

21 tinsel teeth nice knowing untitled and never released... tt as a 3 piece autoproduction

22 the purkinje shift bag of hammers bag of hammers b/w mick mars chunklet industries

22 farida last waltz shoot/last waltz model citizen

23 baby fire perhaps the hardest lesson searching for grace off

24 tv violence subhumanoid meltdown tv violence viro major

24 special friend low tide special friend hidden bay

Artiste: tv violence
Album: tv violence
Label: viro major


Artiste: swan wash
Album: swan wash
Label: sister cylinder
Track(s): motion figure / yard / floor camp

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