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  EMISSION DU 17/07/2005

Artiste Track Album Label

1 the fall sparta fc no 3 interim hip priest

1 the the old haunts walk through the woods fallow field kill rock stars

3 alarmist ignition evil works get rich or try dying evil works frenetic

4 the jesus and mary chain you trip me up psycho candy blanco y negro

5 my bloody valentine paint a rainbow v/a: rough trade shops - indiepop 1 mute

5 primitives thru the flowers thru the flowers (the anthology) sanctuary

6 primitives crash thru the flowers (the anthology) sanctuary

6 six.by seven wallflower left luggage at the peveril hotel saturday night sunday morning

6 midnight movies time and space midnight movies emperor norton

6 the voices evermore the voices my kung fu

8 tarentel open letter to hummingbirds paperwhite temporary residence limited

8 greyscale tryptanology cruel machine camera obscura

8 scraps of tapes hands are tied read between the lines at all times tender version

8 mountain men anonymous we stole your rhyming dictionaries v/a: rhâââ lovely festival 2005 rhâââ lovely festival

8 mono sabath (unholy sabath remix) new york soundtracks arena rock

8 amp iconisis us very friendly

8 inner sleeve can't get home looking up (japan version) fierce panda

8 mogwai tracy young team chemikal underground

8 underwaters leila demo autoproduction

8 the ecstasy of saint theresa trance (between the stars) 13 years in noises cherry red

8 my bloody valentine you made me realize you made me realize ep creation

8 my bloody valentine slow you made me realize ep creation

8 the the delgados russian orthodox peloton chemikal underground

9 the the voices and the dead shall rise the voices my kung fu

9 the telescopes flying the telescopes creation

9 stafraenn hàkon jod glussajol autoproduction
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