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  EMISSION DU 30/08/2020

Artiste Track Album Label

1 repairs an argument an argument autoproduction

2 warm red legwork decades of breakfast state laughter

3 girls in synthesis cause for concern now here´s an echo from you future harbinger sound

4 shifting polo neck dream it was good whosbrain

5 red ribbon document (alternate version) document (alternate version) b/w the taker danger collective

6 euroboy bunk beds ok mom autoproduction

7 sublunar express breadcrumb jail rook autoproduction

8 mouthbreathe(r) van a matar speaking cursive plata o plomo

9 moon pussy hurt wrist moon pussy the ghost is clear

10 grief to alice stupid grief for alice autoproduction

11 water from your eyes 14 14 autoproduction

12 palberta something in the way something in the way wharf cat

13 wendy eisenberg futures auto ba da bing !

14 collars osmio tracoma karma conspiracy

15 girls in synthesis coming up for air now here´s an echo from you future harbinger sound

16 shifting pompadour it was good whosbrain

17 living body i do i do kingfisher bluez

18 widowspeak even true love plum captured tracks

19 bobsled team you´re so cool you´re so cool autoproduction

20 brandy (wish you was) madball baby the gift of repetition total punk

21 cry bummer bummer weather vane

22 dirty junk sikk side open then spit don´t panic

23 petit bureau storm res dushtu

24 high noon kahuna stagecoach high noon kahuna autoproduction

25 pzlen 00:11:42:53 pzlen autoproduction

26 girls in synthesis tirades of hate and fear now here´s an echo from you future harbinger sound

27 shifting gibberish it was good whosbrain

Artiste: girls in synthesis
Album: now here´s an echo from you future
Label: harbinger sound

Artiste: shifting
Album: it was good
Label: whosbrain

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