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  EMISSION DU 17/01/2021

Artiste Track Album Label

1 paracetamøl beach problem behave autoproduction

2 taffee oreo have taste in your own bad faith autoproduction

3 melt downer piece iii numavi

4 psychiatric metaphors city lights body snatchers acid on toast

5 etti/etta faces it´s hallowe´en autoproduction

6 submotile exit cracks exit cracks autoproduction

7 frack! invincible accelerant forbidden place

8 raskaty ja vybiraju sebja raskaty autoproduction

9 raskaty beskonecnoe zelanie zdat´ raskaty autoproduction

10 black button joni mitchell birthday song i want to be in control 11 pm

11 bonsai heavy goodbye dreader autoproduction

11 grive burger shack grive ep shubert music publishing

12 nervous twitch alright lads nervous twitch reckless yes

13 editrix tell me i´m bad tell me i´m bad exploding in sound

13 a*t st*r glitched moan in three parts autoproduction

14 melt downer dye out iii numavi

15 psychiatric metaphors disorder (relief) body snatchers acid on toast

17 lush worker rapid brand immunosuppression / preacher / cygnus / consort cruel nature

18 last quokka wake up geoff unconscious drivers autoproduction

19 shame 6/1 drunk tank pink dead oceans

20 tv priest press gang uppers sub pop

21 adam stone / dead sea apes / black tempest shop soiled dataland cardinal fuzz

22 the sundae painters hollow ways v/a: barry: the man who moves the music oh yea, haha

23 carnivorous bells world of purpose the upturned stone human headstone

24 zeahorse don´t laugh let´not (and say we did) copper feast

25 endlingr ponzi pyramids from the molten vaults consouling sounds

26 melt downer minimal iii numavi

27 psychiatric metaphors revolution body snatchers acid on toast

Artiste: psychiatric metaphors
Album: body snatchers
Label: acid on toast

Artiste: melt downer
Album: iii
Label: numavi

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