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  EMISSION DU 02/05/2021

Artiste Track Album Label

1 lobsterbomb wake up wake up autoproduction

2 hallan orwell´s idyllic future orwell´s idyllic future nice swan

3 bloom 604 feed the vultures bloom flover

4 lindblom & lindblom new mind (good roast) the red rail nejelnet

5 tony jay melted car (feat. karina gill) hey there flower paisley shirt

6 white cold desert & diana gara slowdive slowdive hjordis-britt astrom

7 null enjoy 2 for flinching autoproduction

8 fauxchisels names & numbers education or catastrophe die das der

9 pressed seneca mirrored body the ghost is clear

10 le massacre hello fuckers hello fuckers autoproduction

11 fleur de feu tout est vivant tout est vivant autoproduction

12 orden montañita de carácter cúmulo tapa vacío (reissue) templo sagital

13 warcake solid potential puce tern and crow

14 terrible lovers that´s life vol. 8 infinite trounce

15 bloom 604 nrl bloom flover

16 lindblom & lindblom kokostax the red rail nejelnet

17 noisy drawings spherical resonant superconductors delusions fight delusions autoproduction

18 lazy fair song0031 042621 tied to sleeve autoproduction

19 cherry pickles no one´s little gril david (i hope you don´t mind) b/w no one´s little girl pnkslm

20 the courettes hop the twig hop the twig damaged goods

21 go bwah uber drivur v/a: mechadroid/go bwah - future crimes (split) grey

22 under 45 wot 4 cancelled destructure

23 sinks serotonin sinks korobushka

24 catcher yesterday´s favorite yesterday´s favorite uninformed

25 stalled n°. 7 blank conduct candlepin

26 scrtch möther möther/sümmer bougez rock

27 bloom 604 oct 21 bloom flover

28 lindblom & lindblom non sequitur the red rail nejelnet

Artiste: bloom 604
Album: bloom
Label: flover

Artiste: lindblom & lindblom
Album: the red rail
Label: nejelnet

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