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  EMISSION DU 06/06/2021

Artiste Track Album Label

1 a place to bury strangers i might have hologram dedstrange

2 lawns contagious fine autoproduction

3 part chimp wallow drool wrong speed

4 milkilo kowloon abandon vox project

5 deathlist tearing up tearing up / on fire autoproduction

6 silver stairs of ketchikan old god´s tongue edeida lava thief

7 moin crappy dreams count moot! ad 93

8 ballpeen cut like the youth bunch of sevens autoproduction

9 self love objects in mirror the complete illustrated book of failure do your best

10 nerves leigue leigue post-pop

11 paper birch love for the things ya not morninghairwater reckless yes

12 olivia o. all i want great big nothing dirty hit

13 my*car*on*fire just take care of yourself may autoproduction

14 the cold seeps wendy the melting head autoproduction

15 part chimp one in the eye drool wrong speed

16 milkilo matze abandon vox project

17 coalfalls from 6.21 pieces [ep] 4000

18 zement soil rohstoff crazysane

19 the shadracks you can´t lose from human like forms damaged goods

20 dee bee rich annoying 4 oily and stinky

21 qlowski the wanderer quale futuro? maple death

22 fake last name window it´ll happen again tough gum

23 brain cave forced network log world tiny god inc.

24 big water one more sip and i´m all out of ship to fucked up reptilian

25 mrmraum marenik datura autoproduction

26 part chimp up with the notes drool wrong speed

27 milkilo ouroboros abandon vox project

28 new standards men spain´s first astronaut a spain´s first astronaut personal archives

Artiste: milkilo
Album: abandon
Label: vox project

Artiste: part chimp
Album: drool
Label: wrong speed

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