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  EMISSION DU 12/09/2021

Artiste Track Album Label

1 the terrifying light wipe it clean tabula razor autoproduction

2 eva pandora revival eva pandora autoproduction

3 batwings our house is on fire black horizon autoproduction

4 cosmicdust swallowed in the sea snow noise assemblage he´s trying

5 wych elm executioner rabbit wench black dog

6 kaylah mackley cacophony in sickness and health (demo) autoproduction

7 smoke bellow anniversary open for business trouble in mind

8 wine fault total king oval swing autoproduction

9 tunic apprehension quitter artoffact

10 kratom hygiene narcissist autoproduction

11 kick sirens never sleep sirens never sleep anomic

11 baptizm hole in my head beyond the castle walls autoproduction

12 la luz metal man la luz hardly art

13 marcel so klaus marcel autoproduction

13 batwings the ghost that sleeps in the a.m. black horizon autoproduction

14 cosmicdust plastic toy snow noise assemblage he´s trying

15 silver veil fly or you´re free water gazing autoproduction

17 flu flu what´s her name shine full shore dive

18 how yes no small talk p jolly turtle

19 shove chopper shove ep autoproduction

20 chimers beasts chimers 9am

21 10000 russos saw the damp superinertia fuzz club

22 meule flush meule figures libres

23 j.r.c.g. rainbow ajo sunshine castle face

24 flogging a dead one horse town notorious puzzle axonal firing sound muzai

25 psychic graveyard who´s writing the soundtracks? veins feel strange deathbomb arc

26 giöbia canyon moon v/a: giöbia and the cosmic dead split - the intergalactic connection : exploring the sideral remote hyperspace heavy psych sounds

27 batwings save and save often black horizon autoproduction

28 cosmicdust without you (2005ver.) snow noise assemblage he´s trying

Artiste: batwings
Album: black horizon
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: cosmicdust
Album: snow noise assemblage
Label: he´s trying

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