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  EMISSION DU 10/10/2021

Artiste Track Album Label

1 ugly girls cold you´re bringing me down, man autoproduction

2 sham family this blue mob sham family wavy haze

3 rider/horse codelicker select trials ever/never

4 winkie this place is death here comes success dying machine

5 julia shapiro wrong time zorked suicide squeeze

6 supermoon tulpa 3 autoproduction

7 perennial perennial in a haunted house in the midnight hour redscroll

8 occupants disappointment enthusiast no grace autoproduction

9 grins breeding morons unflattering angles autoproduction

10 the lil hospital grandpa´s food revenge of the lil hospital autoproduction

11 flty brgr grl no more love you forever diger

11 empath born 100 times born 100 times fat possum

12 cassels charlie goes skiing a gut feeling god unknown

13 deh-yey how to stop a terrorist how to stop a terrorist restless bear

13 rider/horse bodyslam turco select trials ever/never

14 winkie ornaments here comes success dying machine

15 dani kwon just shut up n´ dance bn´c autoproduction

17 silverbacks archive material archive material full time hobby

18 the mary veils home video somewhere over the rowhome pnkslm

19 see you, inside d.d. demos autoproduction

20 trip hill dropside ain´t trip ceremony bad afro

21 the real codington factory the boof! rat and walrus autoproduction

22 totally unicorn yeah, coach yeah, coach farmer & the owl

23 memory foam grumpy steel magnolias autoproduction

24 maniac chance chance goodbye boozy

25 zoara eu lives matter - 215bpm humanizing the dancefloor autoproduction

26 null the rut mirrored & circled bummer

27 kowloon walled city you had a plan piecework neurot

28 sodium aimless aimless + the esoteric man autoproduction

28 rider/horse today´s gains select trials ever/never

29 winkie speed/excess here comes success dying machine

Artiste: winkie
Album: here comes success
Label: dying machine

Artiste: rider/horse
Album: select trials
Label: ever/never

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