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  EMISSION DU 20/03/2022

Artiste Track Album Label

1 rocco and his bones shadow puppet race against radar waves autoproduction

2 numb.er congratulations, stay safe congratulations, stay safe third coming

3 bunuel it´s all mine killers like us profound lore

4 star party you and me meadow flower feel it

5 low hummer talk shows talk shows dance to the radio

6 body type buoyancy everything is dangerous but nothing´s surprising poison city

7 fungas termination 99 termination 99 new brain communications

8 no healer wipe out wipe out b/w movie night autoproduction

9 cold brats crybaby v/a: cold brats / pakt split ep no spirit

10 batbait sinking in softness, pt. 2 irascible music

11 kick 24 - hour delivery club light figures anomic

11 messaline adore it adore it autoproduction

12 gnod still runnin´ hexen valley rocket

13 why patterns weal regurgitorium human worth

14 bunuel stocklock killers like us profound lore

15 star party shot down meadow flower feel it

17 the zew the collector cyborg folk numavi

18 vintage crop double stants kibitzer upset the rhythm

19 el no hot eyes hoodlums autoproduction

20 psychiatric metaphors amourous ontology surrealist realities acid on toast

21 skloss upper attic voices travel through this cardinal press

22 problem patterns y.a.w. y.a.w. autoproduction

23 sniffany & the nits piggy bank the unscratchable itch prah

24 wyatt e. sarru rabu al beluti daru stolen body

25 lumer hatred is passion of theirs hatred is passion of theirs autoproduction

26 straw man army state of art sos la vida es un mus

27 bunuel a prison of measured time killers like us profound lore

28 star party no excuse meadow flower feel it

Artiste: star party
Album: meadow flower
Label: feel it

Artiste: bunuel
Album: killers like us
Label: profound lore

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