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  EMISSION DU 03/04/2022

Artiste Track Album Label

1 lassie frowing term temporary cemetery turbo discos

2 valley gals ego / ego snake oil salesman graveface

3 vision 3d blv cbd hypnose belly button

4 model citizen diminishing returns model citizen autoproduction

5 english teacher mental maths polyawkward nice swan

6 nape neck aim slow look alive ep autoproduction

7 messaline hush hush autoproduction

8 the byker grove fan club accountant accountant autoproduction

9 ad interim inland sea inland sea autoproduction

10 soft shoulder left over, table top left over, table top alien summer

11 vacant gardens field of vines field of vines/he moves through mountains tough love

11 local tourist i am water other ways of living melted ice cream

12 la hija del apocalipsis coronavirus ep1 jit jot

13 petrol girls clowns baby hassle

14 vision 3d je vais te dire hypnose belly button

15 model citizen daily refutations model citizen autoproduction

17 death of the high street sinergy sinergy autoproduction

18 slow dawn see through into the machine haus cardinal fuzz

19 action & tension & space chromosomes tellus rune grammofon

20 french alps tiger lost boys lost boys phwoar & peace

21 city dog the tide the tide autoproduction

22 baston zodiac la martyre howlin´ banana

23 klinke yes version demo tape autoproduction

24 crugnudu rabbear zoolorgy numero one en attendant

25 bad breeding human capital human capital one little independent

26 och bolid pö om pö rocket

27 ivan the tolerable unsleeping eye the continuous katherine mortenmoe library of the occult

28 ugly human city unborn sequence failure pt.1 autoproduction

29 model citizen expiration date model citizen autoproduction

30 vision 3d cmdt petre hypnose belly button

Artiste: model citizen
Album: model citizen
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: vision 3d
Album: hypnose
Label: belly button

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