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  EMISSION DU 17/04/2022

Artiste Track Album Label

1 kikker anxiety being anxiety being death monkey

2 red gaze messy bundle healing games numavi

3 crows closer still beware believers bad vibrations

4 the oscillation sun disk sun disk autoproduction

5 jeanwilder palindrome frontier ep autoproduction

6 mophing people be myself alternative e.p gerpfast

7 first children plague animal weird fossils autoproduction

8 gad whip sky bird sky bird autoproduction

9 chien bernard du lard felindra autoproduction

10 just mustard mirrors heart under partisan

11 euroboy + alicia breton ferrer bright sacrificial chanting mood glove compartment

11 telepaths everyone a dancer hangover autoproduction

12 vintage crop the duke kibitzer upset the rhythm

13 cucamaras winners chapel soft soap exag´

14 crows only time beware believers bad vibrations

15 lunch lady sister angel upset the rhythm

17 automatic venus hour excess stones throw

18 dada jung riley trapped 3 anomic

19 messaline lucid lucid autoproduction

20 soundwire satellite satellite fuzzed up & astromoon

21 traams the light at night personal best fat cat

22 olanza accelerator olanza human worth

23 polrity shape where are all the superheroes when you need one? autoproduction

24 part chimp one in the eye drool wrong speed

25 holy scum everybody takes you just take more strange desires rocket

26 fräulein and i go (la la la) a small taste practise music

27 50 foot wave double barrel black pearl fire

28 naked objects seconds seconds autoproduction

29 crows the servant beware believers bad vibrations

Artiste: crows
Album: beware believers
Label: bad vibrations

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