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  EMISSION DU 01/05/2022

Artiste Track Album Label

1 liverpool alligator park lazy boy lap time room

2 kvyle abitoflove ambition autoproduction

3 psychiatric metaphors zeirgest youth surrealist realities acid on toast

4 slow dawn near dark into the machine haus cardinal fuzz

5 the earth earth just like you the earth earth kilikilivilla

6 tan cologne topaz wave earth visions of water spaces labrador

7 body business spitsnek demo autoproduction

8 caro kann sweeties domestic mountain eat strange

9 other half genre tropes genre tropes venn

10 teal river hotel one autoproduction

11 children of leir choose untitled (21;1) autoproduction

11 bad waitress spit it out spit it out royal mountain

12 headkicker televise sorry state

13 scare quotes condo fucker tactics rope bridge

14 slow dawn you´re the one into the machine haus cardinal fuzz

15 psychiatric metaphors silent as fish surrealist realities acid on toast

17 holy springs i can´t wait i can´t wait up in her room

18 moreish idols speedboat speedboat speedy wunderground

19 huff duff fred neil song for digital devices ai red wig

20 pnem industria 2000 circadian rhythms in public spaces fuzzed up & astromoon

21 winged wheel grey on grey no island 12xu

22 scomber damagedclue v/a: flennen #12 flennen

23 häuser raft wars heavy sets autoproduction

24 indifferent obscured glare autoproduction

25 koalra they will do it agin the fires burned everything we had. when the dust settles, they will do it again gigantic noise

26 committeemen out to lunch demo autoproduction

27 beige banquet konny 500 live! live live! just step sideways

28 psychiatric metaphors suburban diner surrealist realities acid on toast

29 slow dawn decompression into the machine haus cardinal fuzz

Artiste: psychiatric metaphors
Album: surrealist realities
Label: acid on toast

Artiste: slow dawn
Album: into the machine haus
Label: cardinal fuzz

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