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  EMISSION DU 29/05/2022

Artiste Track Album Label

1 mitraille size nineteen mitraille belly button

2 cucamaras policeman soft soap exag´

3 o.r.c self proclaimed narcissist feeling safe dial club

4 just mustard 23 heart under partisan

5 srfisnoys capitol hill dark roses autoproduction

6 kamikaze nurse pet meds stimuloso mint

7 wild fox & stuffed foxes yves wfsf reverse tapes

8 punching swans 1234 gameshow gameshow skingasm

9 tenants get out mirror autoproduction

10 néris i stay tape recordings (vol. 1) autoproduction

11 helpful people empty heads broken blossom threats burundi cloud music

11 queen serene better things better things / waiting room autoproduction

12 limestoned feedback limestoned autoproduction

13 crna zuc izgazena budrcnost crna zuc doomtown

14 girlo candy (payton´s song) candy / battery autoproduction

15 just mustard seed heart under partisan

17 j. zunz outsides del aire rocket

18 mouthbreathe(r) older than bones older than bones autoproduction

19 chat pile slaughterhouse god´s country the flenser

20 ganser people watching nothing you do matters felte

21 judy and the jerks control music to go nuts thrilling living

22 fleur de feu l´éternel retour a fire ceremony one little independent

23 och ochra pö om pö rocket

24 pure adult the power of incredible violence part iii the power of incredible violence part iii fat cat

25 wsm never enough joy autoproduction

26 hothouse losing motions light was brighter korobushka

27 heir traffic smoke taint no earth marthouse

28 fräulein breezy a small taste practise music

29 cosse evening evening nouveau monde

30 holy scum a world about to die strange desires rocket

31 just mustard in shade heart under partisan

Artiste: just mustard
Album: heart under
Label: partisan

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