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  EMISSION DU 23/10/2022

Artiste Track Album Label

1 game set match don´t touch me game set match warttmann inc

2 croptop eunice pick a side geertruida

3 gloin oct we found this mothland

4 daydream twins sex in the desert daydream twins jashattack!

5 scott evil ronaldo quaranteens autoproduction

6 blues lawyer i don´t mind v/a: oakland weekender 2022 oakland weekender

7 fucking lovely billy boy catalogue of errors human worth

8 upright forms they kept on living v/a: sounds to make you shudder! skin graft

9 dum k.k. dumm2 kks autoproduction

10 maripool this time again it all comes at once practise music

11 brief candles remote viewfinder it doesn´t lead to anything : part 1 autoproduction

12 patoja 2.0 patoja autoproduction

13 under the clothesline speed only flow voids killer tofu

14 slaughterhouse halloween halloween suicide squeeze

15 gloin work patrol we found this mothland

16 daydream twins cerise daydream twins jashattack!

17 adrie you don´t try blind spot kitchen leg

18 human tooth imagined on teeth bearpark ep autoproduction

19 pop vulture lionel´s big problem pop vulture 2019-2022 come play with me

20 outta sight outta mind melted coin numiracles autoproduction

21 moon goose lemon cursed (somnambulism) la nuit fruit de mer

22 tummy+ mortar and pestle life is delicious autoproduction

23 crowd of chairs become defluencer labelman

24 vision of lisetta walkers yellow waters of beherina vision of lisetta walkers autoproduction

25 basura premonición centro de observación autoproduction

26 blacklisters leisure centre leisure centre exploding in sound

27 chronoboros exit spray it happened near your home autoproduction

28 flogging a dead one horse town tps 1465 ep15 muzai

29 neon kittens nil by vein neon kittens ep metal postcard

30 gloin brique chaude we found this mothland

31 daydream twins thule´s trip into the palace of hallucinogens daydream twins jashattack!

Artiste: daydream twins
Album: daydream twins
Label: jashattack!

Artiste: gloin
Album: we found this
Label: mothland

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