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  EMISSION DU 19/01/2014

Artiste Track Album Label

1 mi´ens tweenage tweeter mi´ens autoproduction

2 scarves broken branches tv ep autoproduction

3 day ravies leaky tin tussle popfrenzy

4 sperm donor she fucked kevin bacon accidental incest autoproduction

5 zeus! sick and destroy opera three one g

5 marteleur my anvil sounds like an a when i use my bass guitar my anvil is my tuning fork navalorama

6 r.seiliog ostisho doppler turnstile music

6 kitchens of distinction hammer love is hell one little indian

6 kitchens of distinction 4 men the death of cool one little indian

6 kitchens of distinction sand of fire cowboys and aliens one little indian

8 perfect pussy driver say yes to love captured tracks

9 madensuyu mute song stabat mater suyu makinesi

9 sperm donor song x accidental incest autoproduction

9 day ravies double act tussle popfrenzy

9 melt yourself down we are enough melt yourself down leaf

9 fuck buttons prince´s prize slow focus atp

9 disappears weird house era kranky

9 the suicide dolls smash prayers in parking lots autoproduction

9 suuns powers of ten images du futur secretly canadian

10 pop.1280 human probe ii imps of perversion sacred bones

10 wolf eyes chocking flies no answer-lower floors de stijl

10 föllakzoid trees ii sacred bones

10 the oscillation chrome cat from tomorrow hands in the dark

10 shannon wright captive to nowhere in film sound vicious circle

10 sperm donor human warehouse accidental incest autoproduction

10 day ravies i don´t mind tussle popfrenzy

Artiste: sperm donor
Album: accidental incest
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: day ravies
Album: tussle
Label: popfrenzy


Artiste: kitchens of distinction
Album: cowboys and aliens
Label: one little indian
Track(s): sand of fire

Artiste: kitchens of distinction
Album: love is hell
Label: one little indian
Track(s): hammer

Artiste: kitchens of distinction
Album: the death of cool
Label: one little indian
Track(s): 4 men

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