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  EMISSION DU 26/01/2014

Artiste Track Album Label

1 mugstar ouroboros ...sun, broken... important

2 the sunflowers you say weekend autoproduction

3 waxeater that´s protestant whiskey baltimore record latest flame

4 lunar grave pyramid initiation prismatic earthship autoproduction

5 blacklisters clubfoot by kasabian blkstrs brew

6 the telescopes torn harm neon sigh

7 ten volt shock blacklight strasbourg gunner

7 pop.1280 lights out imps of perversion sacred bones

7 lunar grave astral cloak prismatic earthship autoproduction

7 waxeater cutty vs. the tiny furniture baltimore record latest flame

10 reiziger grizzly people kodiak station birch & broom

11 totorro festivalbini home alone ep autoproduction

11 circle ydinaukio forest no quarter

11 houndstooth thunder runner ride out the dark no quarter

11 doug paisley because i love you strong feelings no quarter

11 rw psychic paramount (the) ii no quarter

11 the pharaoh overlord skyline ii no quarter

11 endless boogie bad river focus level no quarter

11 waxeater snot boogie baltimore record latest flame

12 lunar grave prismatic earthship prismatic earthship autoproduction

Artiste: lunar grave
Album: prismatic earthship
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: waxeater
Album: baltimore record
Label: latest flame

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