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  EMISSION DU 11/12/2022

Artiste Track Album Label

1 manic villa quick lil ditty quick lil ditty autoproduction

2 sklitakling søster vi har hørt det før back to beat

3 other half grisly visions soft action big scary monsters

4 piss for pumpkin july scared to die autoproduction

5 galore jackpot blush paisley shirt

6 lithics course of time v/a: if, when & with whom - an abortion access benefit comp spared flesh

7 boy define and defy feel ep autoproduction

8 nag repulsion human coward coyote convulse

9 she-dog no love (be quiet) more drama autoproduction

10 pure adult hot crusade pure adult ii fat cat

11 dreamscene dizzy some slow burning ones autoproduction

12 total wife heatwave i heatwave warehaus

13 holy reptile bad moon bad moon autoproduction

14 echolocation lbc forget everything autoproduction

15 co-op magic eraser reward system autoproduction

16 terror management band the new west big box apocalypsis autoproduction

17 other half losing the whip soft action big scary monsters

18 piss for pumpkin citronella scared to die autoproduction

19 far out and back again penny pincher yonder autoproduction

20 dead meadow force form free force form free blues funeral

21 fabriccio de la mora star dust entropy death echodelick

22 the c.i.a. inhale exhale surgery channel in the red

23 how yes no under the rug small talk jolly turtle

24 tombouctou watermelon snow tricky floors cheap satanism

25 epiq pas bravo la viande pas bravo la viande mrs red sound

26 kanaan hyperstate diversions vol. 1: softly trough sunshine jansen

27 assa star naguera naguera african spacecraft

28 tendance parks avenue talking like dogs broken car stereo pastiche reverse tapes

29 piss for pumpkin son of ugly scared to die autoproduction

30 other half if you write the way you talk soft action big scary monsters

Artiste: piss for pumpkin
Album: scared to die
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: other half
Album: soft action
Label: big scary monsters

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