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  EMISSION DU 04/12/2022

Artiste Track Album Label

1 persian furs emotional circuits emotional circuits sleep together

2 salem trials the sum is greater the sum is greater than autoproduction

3 can kicker untied at last can kicker drunken sailor

4 trigger cut water fukkery soot autoproduction

5 children maybe later west macarthur what a flash kick! slothmate

6 people mover not not little lunch

7 easy bruiser clutter free candy autoproduction

8 das kapitans quick, get to the yacht! v/a: dodge does das does dodge (get the fuck outta dodge / das kapitans split) socks on

9 john theme new bond junior theme new bond junior / hopper on the dial pets care

10 catch as catch can dogma rational anthem la pochette surprise

11 total wife again v/a: a compilation for abortion care tennessee to-go

12 joetsu shore 1981 blast autoproduction

13 bomb bunny overgrown valentine bomb bunny blind rage

14 memes monday i looked like death monday i looked like death autoproduction

15 busted head racket sad lil´<3 sad lil´<3 idiotape

16 can kicker disassociate now can kicker drunken sailor

17 trigger cut piggy in the mirror soot autoproduction

18 bright sunshine critical issue task force southwest executive leadership team autoproduction

19 shirley & the pyramids sapanta blue maid of time fuzzed up & astromoon

20 jaus lies lies autoproduction

21 equal parts a crisis a crisis tiny town

22 blonde revolver lipstick and leather good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere rack off

23 the decadent orchestra himmel decadent orchestra autoproduction

24 throw down bones loma three fuzz club

25 heave nobody can´t turn it off / nobody head dent collective

26 lebrique block head trap trepanation

27 barbican estate reconquista the fall warehouse tracks inc.

28 los mucus ghost socks los mucus vardag

29 ca/de/na hoops ep autoproduction

30 sclavos hold me up heroin macarena phase!

31 trigger cut hail explosions soot autoproduction

32 can kicker waking dream can kicker drunken sailor

Artiste: trigger cut
Album: soot
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: can kicker
Album: can kicker
Label: drunken sailor

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