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  EMISSION DU 08/01/2023

Artiste Track Album Label

1 cel ray surf´s up (garfield park) cellular raymond autoproduction

2 corker lice lice feel it

3 girlo fox & the hound like the tvs do autoproduction

4 cast courts moving in tantrums burial sounds autoproduction

5 hidden eyes out of sync out of town autoproduction

6 warm frames windowswill clown remy autoproduction

7 on kentällä tavatan hissunkissun autoproduction

8 body house punkshot hose man autoproduction

9 contact nihiline the escaped youth tapes autoproduction

10 enabling behaviour big kill vaguely content autoproduction

11 knitting throwaway year throwaway year sleepwalk

12 death and vanilla looking glass flicker fire

13 casiotone no sé no sé anti autoproduction

14 peel blood game blood game/jack of all trades husted

15 cast courts bjd burial sounds autoproduction

16 girlo off-beat like the tvs do autoproduction

17 the speakers panic attack mosh autoproduction

18 white hills metaphase mitosis heads on fire

19 obed-edom wrapped in holy fucking light forever and ever amen done up in jade lime green waters gravity sink

20 8minuteminimum two pounds of flax pt.1 the next one autoproduction

21 8minuteminimum two pounds of flax pt.2 the next one autoproduction

22 messaline nauséa nauséa autoproduction

23 the freqs witch poachers autoproduction

24 cast courts stab the bird kill the bee take the butterfly burial sounds autoproduction

25 girlo dr song like the tvs do autoproduction

Artiste: cast courts
Album: burial sounds
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: girlo
Album: like the tvs do
Label: autoproduction

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