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  EMISSION DU 15/01/2023

Artiste Track Album Label

1 kalle hygien & the dog pound the detester the detester push my buttons

2 civil rats snacks your dummiest friends autoproduction

3 nag q laz human coward coyote convulse

4 nonante robot live at hanvec epicericords

5 eternal dust candy spiritual healers, defence lawyers lulu´s sonic disc club

6 dottie change (in the house of flies) change (in the house of flies) autoproduction

7 risk relay dead sitcom star dead sitcom star nefarious industries

8 nick g puzzle pieces broken a.t. field

9 bo gritz observes and selects observes and selects glasshouse

10 the leontini vernacular u l amla shore dive

11 qubinoix organs soleil doesn´t look back autoproduction

12 stomp talk modstone purple from love purple from love autoproduction

13 inksuit hugh inksuit autoproduction

14 m(h)aol therapy attachment styles tulle

15 nag space human coward coyote convulse

16 nonante still live at hanvec epicericords

17 mary anne´s polar rig dopamine detox makes you wonder rama lama

18 fvnerals yearning let the earth be silent prophecy

19 kaery ann imaginary room songs of grace and ruin anomic

20 the united fucking states got a light? street clothes autoproduction

21 chimers generator generator / tooth evil tone

22 thee showdown sorrows noxious thee showdown sorrows autoproduction

23 the cult of one the cult of one monomaniac autoproduction

24 pamplemousse i´m not dietsch think of it a tant rêver du roi

25 eugene dubon state finish line cruel nature

26 en attendant ana same old story principia trouble in mind

27 pierre lecarpentier life, hopes & despair of the little rainmaker yesterday´s melodies autoproduction

28 vacuist mandelbrot calculator drawn from a reflection - ep autoproduction

29 nag state of flux human coward coyote convulse

30 nonante forget / forgot / forgotten live at hanvec epicericords

Artiste: nag
Album: human coward coyote
Label: convulse

Artiste: nonante
Album: live at hanvec
Label: epicericords

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