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  EMISSION DU 05/02/2023

Artiste Track Album Label

1 french alps tiger life switch off all the time autoproduction

2 deady eat sleep eat sleep autoproduction

3 cushing flight path in the clutches of... autoproduction

4 m(h)aol nice guys attachment styles tulle

5 the empericists the walls will ring out tonight upon echo hill autoproduction

6 carbon poppies strangers strangers autoproduction

7 objections better luck next time bsa day / better luck next time wrong speed

8 department of teleportation college material ligestyles of the spatially unreasonable autoproduction

9 lambrini girls white van you´re welcome big scary monsters

10 soft shoulder narrow yellow sleep smile building´s exit gilgongo

11 bipolar explorer a door ajar in dreams in the hours left until davin slugg

12 cult of lip surrender marsha mpls ltd

13 a place to bury strangers time v/a: in these bands fallen io-

14 bad husband aproposeur aproposeur triple digit

15 cushing i, nanobot in the clutches of... autoproduction

16 m(h)aol femme attachment styles tulle

17 fox medicine penny truxx fox medicine autoproduction

18 kara delik strange attractor singularities i autoproduction

19 black helium summer of hair um riot season

20 polevaulter content content autoproduction

21 gurriers approachable approachable autoproduction

22 tele flûff are brains just fried? eclectic toast machine seayou

23 death valley girls magic flowers islands in the sky suicide squeeze

24 house of all harlequin duke house of all tiny global productions

25 cable ties perfect client perfect client merge

26 big|brave the fable of subjugation nature morte thrill jockey

27 cushing purell in the clutches of... autoproduction

28 m(h)aol period sex attachment styles tulle

Artiste: cushing
Album: in the clutches of...
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: m(h)aol
Album: attachment styles
Label: tulle

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