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  EMISSION DU 29/01/2023

Artiste Track Album Label

1 shitnoise seasoning moments before drowning autoproduction

2 sad roach big shoot fabricated complexities autoproduction

3 blous3 diesel #2 illusion of traffic research chemical

4 bruxa maria god gun scruples build yourself a shrine and pray riot season

5 patoja pretty girl bedroom demos autoproduction

6 sparkler acid casualty big sonic chill flesh & bone

7 boy alyssa says listen! autoproduction

8 blind ride relationship goals paranoid-critical method overdub

9 moleskine doubting about comfort urticaria

10 black shape npd f·u·c·k·m·e rat run

11 stripes the day my heart left unanswered questions/unknown motifs autoproduction

12 do not harm uk or die damascene slo music

13 r. ring hug war poems, we rested don giovanni

14 cava blue monday damage control buback

15 blous3 if fish had hips illusion of traffic research chemical

16 bruxa maria dance like vasilli build yourself a shrine and pray riot season

17 tunic dull ache dull ache artoffact

18 holy springs just sleep just sleep autoproduction

19 night rites den den spaceflight

20 powerplant broodmother broodmother static shock

21 pieuvre i am schlaf hyperstretch kitchen leg

22 ourse solaire fade to grey ours ep olisun stereo

23 grace friendly tyrant cassette bitter tea

24 the eurosuite body sorry human worth

25 paddang 3.0 chasing ghosts morsure

26 billy zach powerless a momentary bliss la pochette surprise

27 fires of cheektowaga second life second life / bedfellows autoproduction

28 the drin mozart on the wing today my friend you drink the venom drunken sailor

29 bruxa maria true say build yourself a shrine and pray riot season

30 blous3 call dog imitation illusion of traffic research chemical

Artiste: blous3
Album: illusion of traffic
Label: research chemical

Artiste: bruxa maria
Album: build yourself a shrine and pray
Label: riot season

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