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  EMISSION DU 19/02/2023

Artiste Track Album Label

1 vanishing muffins taste of cherry taste of cherry autoproduction

2 misery whip sunchoke misery whip noise merchant

3 ceremony east coast star killer lovesick candy booking

4 nac/hut report radio tashkent 1947 absent crunchy human children

5 jina0king green breathe everybody different scent autoproduction

6 fräulein pet pet submarine cat music

7 novi sad count the cost are you ever able autoproduction

8 loins constantly hammered loins kaos control

9 riot gull routine for champs scabbing trace / untrace

10 corporeal more than me wanting more tyst ljud

11 the loud bangs this is a japanese robot stray honey autoproduction

12 baby cool mother luna earthling on the road to self love bad vibrations

13 died alone cruise cruise secret cottage

14 dull dive deep town dive deep town startracks

15 ceremony east coast serenade lovesick candy booking

16 nac/hut report seelonce feene, radio praha absent crunchy human children

17 auto portrait i, pre defined i, pre defined autoproduction

18 black tape venomous kerosene black tape autoproduction

19 not my real job new volvo new volvo b/w karen yes we cannibal

20 appleseeds! anything goes aeblefro too good to be true

21 annabel lee by the sea drift humpty dumpty

22 mononegatives north carolina atomic bomb north carolina atomic bomb autoproduction

23 copouchetti love 43rd birthday proberaum autoproduction

24 black helium another heaven um riot season

25 mast year knife knife grimoire

26 tunic whispering wrong dream artoffact

27 zone six chrono trigger full mental jacket sulatron

28 ceremony east coast life lovesick candy booking

29 nac/hut report so long radio warszawa absent crunchy human children

Artiste: ceremony east coast
Album: lovesick
Label: candy booking

Artiste: nac/hut report
Album: absent
Label: crunchy human children

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