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  EMISSION DU 26/02/2023

Artiste Track Album Label

1 handcuff el ganso el ganso church road

2 atomic candy creeps psychic atomic candy creeps autoproduction

3 model/actriz donkey show dogsbody true panther

4 big|brave the ten of swords nature morte thrill jockey

5 ioana iorgu porto porto autoproduction

6 glow in the dark flowers on the marble glow in the dark flowers born yesterday

7 cut your face dead city nights improved sequence

8 bathouse enjoy helping bats helping people happiest place

9 cheree churn down factory cherub dream

10 simmcat forever forever we were never being boring collective

11 en attendant ana wonder principia trouble in mind

12 flooding this will all burn v/a: 3 way split manor

13 choncy table for two community chest feel it

14 black shape red flag d·f·w·m rat run

15 model/actriz slate dogsbody true panther

16 big|brave the one who bornes a weary load nature morte thrill jockey

17 public body no constraint big mess fat cat

18 shame alibis food for worms dead oceans

19 death valley girls watch the sky islands in the sky suicide squeeze

20 the mushroom club take drugs (7inch) take drugs autoproduction

21 dust ward 52 et cetera, etc kanine

22 grocer smooth operator scatter plot grind select

23 kyuka kansha seishin-teki mondai autoproduction

24 noixaa public death false live autoproduction

25 hallan unwomanly face of war the noise of a firing gun nice swan

26 fake indians o.d.d. inforock fons

27 model/actriz maria dogsbody true panther

28 big|brave a parable of the trusting nature morte thrill jockey

Artiste: big|brave
Album: nature morte
Label: thrill jockey

Artiste: model/actriz
Album: dogsbody
Label: true panther

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