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  EMISSION DU 26/03/2023

Artiste Track Album Label

1 telegenic pleasure greed for guilt concentric grave feral kid

2 super kill me know the demon core the day my butt went psycho autoproduction

3 dyatlov polonium dyatlov spazz

4 firefriend hunt decreation facts cardinal fuzz

5 american levitation co. shine shine autoproduction

6 midwife & vyva melinkolya nmp orbweaving the flenser

7 d.r.l.n. dracula broadcasting noose knot

8 bathouse ideal specimen helping bats helping house happiest place

9 the maggie pills hope is a risk hope is a risk autoproduction

10 wednesday tv in the gas pump rat saw god dead oceans

11 supervulcano setting sun gaze supervulcano autoproduction

12 slomo careless and strange lethargy independent

13 public interest residue spiritual pollution erste theke tontraeger

14 foreign body model home fixed autoproduction

15 dyatlov pest control dyatlov spazz

16 firefriend infrared decreation facts cardinal fuzz

17 holy reptile the land the land autoproduction

18 brain bent quality assurance audit boilerplate rhodehouse

19 promyki too much jeb jeb jeb autoproduction

20 dead sea apes rewilding rewilding cardinal fuzz

21 noble rot medicine heavenly bodies, repetition, control joyful noise

22 chat pile cut v/a: brothers in christ (nerver / chat pile split) reptilian

23 tunic my body, my blood wrong dream artoffact

24 jealous red and yellow all over red and yellow all over dedstrange

25 excellent skeleton mosquito on mercury sea autoproduction

26 stuck the punisher freak frequency born yesterday

27 dust joy (guilt) et cetera, etc kanine

28 dyatlov into the crypt dyatlov spazz

29 firefriend beatrice´s cake decreation facts cardinal fuzz

Artiste: firefriend
Album: decreation facts
Label: cardinal fuzz

Artiste: dyatlov
Album: dyatlov
Label: spazz

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