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  EMISSION DU 19/03/2023

Artiste Track Album Label

1 during quiz during chunklet industries

2 hoofs no accident ep i autoproduction

3 dull headphones dive deep town startracks

4 tfbundy dead end totally fucked but unfortunately not dead yet autoproduction

5 cindy the price is right why not now? mt. st. mtn.

6 simmcat purple i thougt i was dreaming we were never being boring collective

7 fotbal garden why is this happening to you? korobushka

8 mont loser first hit mont loser - demo autoproduction

9 bo gritz stored in the sky chroma glasshouse

10 staff party dread dread autoproduction

11 weaponize chomsky bite my teeth time destroys eveything autoproduction

12 lucy kruger & the lost boys howl heaving unique

13 holy reptile stomach stomach autoproduction

14 land of ooo white and blue land of ooo numavi

15 dull the problem dive deep town startracks

16 tfbundy baby blues totally fucked but unfortunately not dead yet autoproduction

17 sentries high speed panic attack high speed panic attack autoproduction

18 queen serene double life double lifle autoproduction

19 shadow show radiant hue radiant hue sugar

20 threads mid atlantic (used carpets) mid atlantic (used carpets) alphaville

21 spraint throw my eyes out of the wrong and into the stupid premature

22 trees speak illusions mind haze soul jazz

23 noixaa know thy self fear saves autoproduction

24 maruja kakystocracy knocknarea autoproduction

25 golden hours run man run golden hours fuzz club

26 ultraphallus part of splendour no closure head

27 tfbundy jackie totally fucked but unfortunately not dead yet autoproduction

28 dull you´re lame dive deep town startracks

Artiste: tfbundy
Album: totally fucked but unfortunately not dead yet
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: dull
Album: dive deep town
Label: startracks

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