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  EMISSION DU 23/04/2023

Artiste Track Album Label

1 ankle swingers do you write your own songs? rushenden street fight ep autoproduction

2 the kidney flowers laces laces never found

3 peuk enabler escape somehow pias

4 spacerhead shakes spacerhead autoproduction

5 kosmetika growing up illustration spoilsport

6 terry centuries call me terry upset the rhythm

7 little girls concepts concepts hand drawn dracula

8 nothingheads rat sunlit uplands just step sideways

9 malnourishment rot song antiseptics rat run

10 the ethical debating society emoticon mutual indecision e.p. radical possibilities

11 genn a reprise (that girl) a reprise (that girl) liminal collective

12 death by elephant lamb this album should be played loud autoproduction

13 crystal canyon judy moody judy moody autoproduction

14 warm girls moonsick (claire´s song) demo autoproduction

15 peuk who are you really? escape somehow pias

16 spacerhead diver spacerhead autoproduction

17 bite. acrobat acrobat autoproduction

18 wowza in kalamazoo hans vollman milo on a bike autoproduction

19 ropsten buddhabrot alamogordo shyrec

20 gula blend en tjusig kväll all har hänt rama lama

21 lambrini girls lads lads lads you´re welcome big scary monsters

22 glaas crossfire cruel heart, cold summer static shock

23 ken mode i cannot i cannot artoffact

24 motor!k terra illustres part 3 4 out of line

25 stella research committee reality washing (court settlement) killed alive autoproduction

26 the lonesomes self destructor self destructor autoproduction

27 spacerhead escrow spacerhead autoproduction

28 peuk erase me escape somehow pias

Artiste: spacerhead
Album: spacerhead
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: peuk
Album: escape somehow
Label: pias

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