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  EMISSION DU 30/04/2023

Artiste Track Album Label

1 lawn chair sunset heartbreak eat the beans wear the jeans! autoproduction

2 soft shoulder curiously coarse full (coarse) deliberate indifference

3 tunic punishment enough wrong dream artoffact

4 sessions wanted by satellite autoproduction

5 lorelle meets the obsolete dínamo datura sonic cathedral

6 rosa vertov wakeful nights reflected in crunchy human children

7 unlettered too good to be true new egypt autoproduction

8 grimelda standy bachman it´s so feeling when you rock! transistor 66

9 aversions mirror game you wanted the bike autoproduction

10 big clown broke beatdown swimming faith

11 satarma planuit planuit autoproduction

12 eosine digitaline coralline jaune orange

13 total wife uhf optate wav.er uhfow/io warehaus

14 public body way, no way big mess fat cat

15 tunic indirect wrong dream artoffact

16 sessions hide your babies / machines / outerspace satellite autoproduction

17 snooper pod super snõõper third man

18 mononegatives neutral solution crossing visual field dowd

19 hyper tensions upside down sick soother let´s pretend

20 the oscillation all hypnotised shattered reflections (beyond the mirror vol.2) all time low

21 harakiri early #1 autoproduction

22 loose articles sinead love bitcoin sinead love bitcoin alcopop!

23 dead sea apes truther rewilding cardinal fuzz

24 orsak:oslo 079 dutchman´s wake (part i) in irons vinter

25 tunic under glass wrong dream artoffact

26 sessions work satellite autoproduction

Artiste: tunic
Album: wrong dream
Label: artoffact

Artiste: sessions
Album: satellite
Label: autoproduction

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