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  EMISSION DU 07/05/2023

Artiste Track Album Label

1 modern woman achtung achtung end of the road

2 pinch points pave me pave me six tonnes de chair

3 nice guys you do say yo coin self help tapes

4 motor!k terra illustris part 2 4 out of line

5 sarah arnold not a smile slain definitely a label

6 bysts blessed v/a: the paints of existense destroy//exist

7 pyrex theme pyrex total punk

8 girls in synthesis i know no other way i know no other way own it

9 ven y mira me esta comiendo el tiempo parque de letras autoproduction

10 enemy of the soviets depress no sense autoproduction

11 sqürl she don´t wanna talk about it silver haze sacred bones

12 thermal peachy peachy dalliance

13 heavy lungs dancing man dancing man alcopop!

14 tiny moon this is ok tv yellow autoproduction

15 nice guys warbad coin self help tapes

16 motor!k terra obscura part 2 4 out of line

17 the broken opium table terrestial magnetism good health, bad nerves autoproduction

18 the hahas and the blablas bark! three short songs jolly turtle

19 the wind-up birds margarine "pop.thinking" sturdy

20 stereocillia catalyst crystalline drone rock

21 (look out) here come kil search and destroy search and destroy autoproduction

22 insanity is a given god save the king god save the king autoproduction

23 thee alcoholics politicians politicians, kill yourself wrong speed

24 delicious monsters glass delusion freedom plastic realistic? tetryon tapes

25 faints flat fields flat fields ep darkk era

26 maruja zeitgest zeitgest autoproduction

27 alittleelectric smoke smoke autoproduction

28 wave decay shot in the dark shot in the dark / hollow eyes autoproduction

29 nice guys mella jello coin self help tapes

30 motor!k terra obscura part 3 4 out of line

Artiste: motor!k
Album: 4
Label: out of line

Artiste: nice guys
Album: coin
Label: self help tapes

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