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  EMISSION DU 21/05/2023

Artiste Track Album Label

1 memorials boudicaaa music for film: tramps! the state51 conspiracy

2 mules i think we need to talk illusions of joy halfmeltedbrain

3 thëm blinded frames overdub

4 asbest mutually asured reduction cyanide a tree in a field

5 neon kittens once more with felix soul doesn´t come easy autoproduction

6 the loud bangs the penelope cannon why things fray autoproduction

7 theredone set visibility take me down e.p. autoproduction

8 bo gritz rut chroma glasshouse

9 facet yoga facet hex

10 we wild blood malibu at the gates if you think this world is bad you should see some of the others hot fools

11 jilter off kilter ladders view from the balcony autoproduction

12 who is she? thursday godess energy father/daughter

13 sailor honeymoon cockroach cockroach good good

14 mirror glaze all change please all change please la pochette surprise

15 thëm smart pressure frames overdub

16 asbest restraining order cyanide a tree in a field

17 gurriers sign of the times sign of the times autoproduction

18 dorotheo las nubes nada escrito six tonnes de chair

19 mirror revelations aura aura cardinal fuzz

20 the present age working evil working evil / i feel electric that´s jazz, baby!

21 cucamaras greener lands buck rogers time exag´

22 julie´s haircut plaster mask plaster masks ep rocket

23 sierpinski fucked again marital arts autoproduction

24 sentries hantu agonizer autoproduction

25 kagu doghead doghead autoproduction

26 foxeagle the shore. the shore. autoproduction

27 codex serafini i am sorrow, i am lust the imprecation of anima riot season

28 mope city wind locked me out population: 4 tenth court

29 thëm strong frames overdub

30 asbest cyanide for breakfast cyanide a tree in a field

Artiste: asbest
Album: cyanide
Label: a tree in a field

Artiste: thëm
Album: frames
Label: overdub

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