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  EMISSION DU 28/05/2023

Artiste Track Album Label

1 new_project_666 i hear you no or never flennen

2 funcle duncle loser funcle duncle punk valley

3 bonnuit look to the sun forget about the past autoproduction

4 stella research committee killed alive killed alive autoproduction

5 vert self-destructive urge demo autoproduction

6 ciccone interludio interludio octubretv ediciones

7 perfect actress leather perfect actress autoproduction

8 nag passing v/a: nag / astio split order05records

9 baba chevy nice work job nice work job autoproduction

10 takomaha no_clip no_clip diger

11 wayne ...for a change ...for a change autoproduction

12 lorelle meets the obsolete invisible datura sonic cathedral

13 bad static girl, interrupted bad static autoproduction

14 white wire the sound crack up vox project

15 bonnuit vibration forget about the past autoproduction

16 stella research committee user friendly killed alive autoproduction

17 bonies mommy me-ep leisure world tapes

18 john parish & aldous harding three v/a: the endless coloured ways: the songs of nick drake chrysalis

19 spraint reruns 23-5-23 premature

20 rezec 6:59 rezec autoproduction

21 gaylips tabs tabs autoproduction

22 mirror revelations ficción ficción autoproduction

23 druugg light is gone (live) light is gone (live) autoproduction

24 mirakler egg how i became the devil reptilian

25 jaaw thoughts and prayers (mean nothing) super cluster svart

26 loma baja la emboscada piscinas verticales echodelick

27 bloody butterflies wormhole mutations and transformations premature

28 psychic scream space doom ´23 demon tape autoproduction

29 saurien all that´s left and still the lungs won´t fill anywave

30 stella research committee non disclosure annihilator killed alive autoproduction

31 bonnuit moments forget about the past autoproduction

Artiste: bonnuit
Album: forget about the past
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: stella research committee
Album: killed alive
Label: autoproduction

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