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  EMISSION DU 23/07/2023

Artiste Track Album Label

1 auntie & the backstabbers track marks mongrel autoproduction

2 storm franklin einz zwei drei martini the fear ep agricultural audio

3 bau self cannibal indifferentemente aagoo

4 split silk attune drown autoproduction

5 tan cologne visitation visitation labrador

6 helpful people protection energy brokenblossom threats burundi cloud music

7 who is she? 96 ghouls goddess energy father/daughter

8 cunts life´s fortune life´s fortune radical guy

9 swallow the rat terra nullius south locust shifting sounds

10 madness at home sane shoelace autoproduction

11 haemi eyes of lies something sad to say eternal sunlight

12 shojo bilinda butcher enamorarse de un fantasma autoproduction

13 ceremony lonesome town 788 - covers 2006 to 2009 autoproduction

14 consumer culture big man the future is a pile of bodies autoproduction

15 bau cubicle life indifferentemente aagoo

16 split silk heirloom drown autoproduction

17 dura lex bees and honey dura lex majestic mountain

18 stakattak fat and furious this real stadskanker

19 lambrini girls boys in the band you´re welcome big scary monsters

20 heartworms consistent dedication a comforting notion speedy wunderground

21 keg elephant girders alcopop!

22 minami deutsch terra recipe minami deutsch cardinal fuzz

23 nze nze zis da tang zis adzi akal teenage menopause

24 horse lords mess bend (live in leipzig) live in leipzig autoproduction

25 butch kassidy heath v/a: slow dance 20´ slow dance

26 thank dead dog in a ditch torture cube / dead dog in a ditch zen f.c.

27 zveruga bugulman zveruga autoproduction

28 luggage hand is bad hand is bad amish

29 war club there´s something about microplastics hostile environment autoproduction

30 mulch joyful rupture still sweatin aagoo

31 bau cancer indifferentemente aagoo

32 split silk hollow drown autoproduction

Artiste: bau
Album: indifferentemente
Label: aagoo

Artiste: split silk
Album: drown
Label: autoproduction

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