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  EMISSION DU 16/07/2023

Artiste Track Album Label

1 school disco feelings coming denton rock copper feast

2 cammy cautious and the wrestlers critter cammy cautious and the wrestlers warttmann inc

3 atomic candy creeps psychic atomic candy creeps lärmo

4 treeboy & arc midnight mass natural habitat clue

5 low hummer fade young fade young dance to the radio

6 fotokiller confidence killed eerie nostalgia order05records

7 wednesday´s child theda seven sisters autoproduction

8 dip tet k.o.t.i.a. dip tet autoproduction

9 cute z00z00z00 she autoproduction

10 eeva kamen lud autoproduction

11 velvet sunset running wild running wild autoproduction

12 2m80 wouldn´t u know 2m80 under the gun

13 the chives incognito window supervision autoproduction

14 rong coincidence v/a: rong // the cost of living split mutual aid

15 atomic candy creeps god is dead atomic candy creeps lärmo

16 treeboy & arc character building natural habitat clue

17 spits milk freshly squeezed hells lapels cruel nature

18 drop ain´t got no taste hazy phrases autoproduction

19 fishtalk men are dead alt#46 petite biche

20 stuart pearce naar de stad red sport international safe suburban home

21 media puzzle go with it 14 autoproduction

22 white canyon & the 5th dimension wicked eyes fireflies dance / wicked eyes fuzzed up & astromoon

23 firefriend spearhead live in london 2023 autoproduction

24 docents drip figure study ten tremors

25 john the common cold a life diagrammatic brace yourself

26 the last hurrahs convex mirror #3 in progress autoproduction

27 vanishing twin afternoon x afternoon x fire

28 atomic candy creeps atomic candy creeps atomic candy creeps lärmo

29 treeboy & arc winter existence natural habitat clue

30 tomoyuki trio voiceless cry mars riot season

Artiste: treeboy & arc
Album: natural habitat
Label: clue

Artiste: atomic candy creeps
Album: atomic candy creeps
Label: lärmo

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