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  EMISSION DU 13/08/2023

Artiste Track Album Label

1 pop music fever dream abraham maslow abraham maslow autoproduction

2 beef beef beef feel it

3 facet royal ray facet hex

4 minerves divine minerves staubgold

5 smile too much you can´t help me ep2 dandy boy

6 sydney herds work from home work from home / jazz lads triangle bingo

7 solus empty demo 2 (2023) autoproduction

8 coach party parasite killjoy chess club

9 exotic fruitica cruel cruel mr. pink

10 minor conflict second-hand time bright lights, dead city prah

11 daiistar repeater good time fuzz club

12 numb.er congratulations, stay safe regressions third coming

13 tube alloys jubilee magnetic point la vida es un mus

14 cougars your daily tits cougs expert work

15 facet maestro facet hex

16 minerves coldslow minerves staubgold

17 datashock tinnitus isst aubenwelt geltungsbereich universum bureau b

18 goose thought alphago goose thought autoproduction

19 coldwave no conflict no conflict autoproduction

20 berliner doom mehr bier mit dir wes das hört ist doom autoproduction

21 sweepers take this mop (and shove it) demonstration autoproduction

22 earth ball have one have one autoproduction

23 lavoro ray of light lavoro the cooked raw label

24 cere croupier healing fires autoproduction

25 facet l.b.d facet hex

26 minerves thomson minerves staubgold

Artiste: facet
Album: facet
Label: hex

Artiste: minerves
Album: minerves
Label: staubgold

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