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  EMISSION DU 20/08/2023

Artiste Track Album Label

1 tea eater fuck the dmv obsession a diamond heart production

2 dear darkness sex records boozin n loozin remove

3 naked lungs gack doomscroll autoproduction

4 carrows aesthete 7 words poison arrows

5 mope city eat yr promises population: 4 autoproduction

6 duvet girlcow girlcow / sweaty dog fear of missing out

7 crasher static speaking terms autoproduction

8 zookraught canvas eyes grip it shame it hidden home

9 slunk routine homily all we are left with is space // a pale interior autoproduction

10 feeling figures across the line migration magic k

11 red pants witching hour not quite there yet meritorio

12 good news jam same as that bingo

13 thrash palace go go sub pop

14 heavy lungs head titler all gas no breaks alcopop!

15 naked lungs second song doomscroll autoproduction

16 carrows sanguine 7 words poison arrows

17 echo ladies coming home lilies rama lama

18 half/time black union jack black union jack (the vault sessions) autoproduction

19 living under drones the uprooting of authority & the broadcast of utopia in the space-time discontinuum of constant conflict: squat network as a civilization knot on knot fonoradar

20 magic shoppe have you seen bella v/a: aspirin age volume three (a shoegaze compilation) broken sound tapes

21 helen kelter skelter best friends chroma crawl autoproduction

22 tv face i knew a girl i didn´t know tide of men crackedankles

23 egyptian blue skin a living commodity yala!

24 acid rooster sounds of illusion flower & dead souls cardinal fuzz

25 endlessendless recording 10.4 recording 10. autoproduction

26 nyos follow the hawk moth waterfall cave fantasy, forever pelagic

27 no touch pissin´spit. demos autoproduction

28 naked lungs outcome doomscroll autoproduction

29 carrows epilogue 7 words poison arrows

Artiste: naked lungs
Album: doomscroll
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: carrows
Album: 7 words
Label: poison arrows

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