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  EMISSION DU 24/09/2023

Artiste Track Album Label

1 poor kids o.c. big mac party poor kids o.c. kopishop

2 hit bargain degree decree a dog a deer a seal autoproduction

3 flat worms orion´s belt witness marks drag city

4 patio the sun collection fire talk

5 squirrel flower intheskatepark tomorrow´s fire polyvinyl

6 lowertown bline skin of my teeth autoproduction

7 strangelight power, rent, control power, rent, control b/w a three day weekend autoproduction

8 committeemen bad advice bad advice autoproduction

9 servo day and night monsters monsters exag´

10 ioana iorgu liar liar autoproduction

11 total wife rest rest ivy eat home

12 tremosphere tide becoming creatures slugg

13 mary bell inferno cerbero destructure

14 gurriers nausea sign of the times autoproduction

15 flat worms sick of my face witness marks drag city

16 patio either way collection fire talk

17 city parking hannah carl autoproduction

18 dion lunadon secrets systems edge in the red

19 exib pony play nonsense autoproduction

20 alter egg deja voodoo deluminate autoproduction

21 musta huone aika valuu sormien läpi valosaasteen sekaan thisisnotalp

22 kid leather pill head slappers only autoproduction

23 terne elevator quiet place autoproduction

24 slow salvation north park dive here we lie velvet blue music

25 labasheeda closure blueprints presto chango

26 mums 47 flight of stairs legs hex

27 john at peaceheaven a life diagrammatic brace yourself

28 ken mode a reluctance of being void artoffact

29 flat worms wolves in phase witness marks drag city

30 patio performance collection fire talk

Artiste: flat worms
Album: witness marks
Label: drag city

Artiste: patio
Album: collection
Label: fire talk

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