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  EMISSION DU 17/09/2023

Artiste Track Album Label

1 computer fight metal gushagushavinyl autoproduction

2 consensus madness animosity consensus madness iron lung

3 tv face stuck tide if men crackedankles

4 white wire pink shirt crack up vox project

5 best hit tv here with you it looks like we have a crisis on our hands autoproduction

6 jetstream pony into the sea sixes and sevens / into the sea spinout nuggets

7 the black waves magic mushroom sonic maze autoproduction

8 max lampin soirée pizza ? faux contact autoproduction

9 so bored at your squat rave so bored at your squat rave test plan autoproduction

10 the 113 conscience conscience autoproduction

11 touch girl apple blossom sidewalk ep autoproduction

12 holloway yours again yours again autoproduction

13 collate static object generate systems domestic departure

14 redseal idleness redseal autoproduction

15 white wire left over crack up vox project

16 tv face black bag tide of men autoproduction

17 it it anita psychorigid mouche luik

18 mildred maude ft. lorena quintanilla shifting microclimates sonic cathedral

19 school disco m.o.m. denton rock copper feast

20 stonks bunker class craic autoproduction

21 dr sure´s unusual practise escalator man escalator man autoproduction

22 oizo-mazout sur les flots des miracles / pas de fuite point de fuite. kraak

23 knauff tommy kane sneezing controcanti produzioni

24 mclusky unpopular parts of pig unpopular parts of pig / the digger you deep autoproduction

25 baby fire a year of grace a year of grace coeur sur toi

26 wolf city war concrete gods coeur sur toi

27 vintage crop mercernary springtime upset the rhythm

28 short-chain kill bees burn trees meetings without conclusions soft boiled

29 lewsberg angle of reflection out and about 12xu

30 white wire she wolf crack up vox project

31 tv face wind your neck in tide of men autoproduction

Artiste: tv face
Album: tide of men
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: tv face
Album: tide if men
Label: crackedankles

Artiste: white wire
Album: crack up
Label: vox project

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