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  EMISSION DU 05/05/2024

Artiste Track Album Label

1 nag insert a thought fear urticaria

2 rouge images rouge phantom

3 moon pussy panty hawk death is coming the ghost is clear

4 obey cobra blank tape mwg drwg rocket

5 terminator tell me your news church music autoproduction

6 half hexagon the method the method autoproduction

7 dreamwave en traverse dreamwave and the mindcave velvet echoes

8 lower automation hookworm welcome to my deathbed zegema beach

9 bed maker ballad of tokitae bed maker dischord

10 king in yellow desire paths desire paths autoproduction

11 aluminum everything fully beat felte

12 pretty average all those faces all i wanted autoproduction

13 sailor honeymoon fxxk urself sailor honeymoon good good

14 dead finks eve of ascension eve ascension autoproduction

15 moon pussy rats death is coming the ghost is clear

16 obey cobra home wrecca mwg drwg rocket

17 hands up who wants to die welcome to country v/a: seismic waves: volume 1 seismic wave entertainment

18 kamikaze roadrunners non-human pilots non-human pilots autoproduction

19 moonlit death to the world be not afraid autoproduction

20 fold paper nothing to report nothing to report royal mountain

21 sprints help me, i´m spiralling black box sessions city slang

22 girls in synthesis i judge myself sublimation own it

23 off comms are you in salt? oil on bone autoproduction

24 the dharma chain greenlight nowhere anomic

25 kalac arguenon odyssée crème brûlée

26 three second kiss soul catchers from fire i save the flame overdrive

27 tramhaus beech the first exit subroutine

28 moon pussy ice death is coming the ghost is clear

29 obey cobra blackweir mwg drwg rocket

Artiste: obey cobra
Album: mwg drwg
Label: rocket

Artiste: moon pussy
Album: death is coming
Label: the ghost is clear

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